Eric Bryant

Meisner Class Journal 7.9.24

Last night was the first night working with both an independent activity as well as an action problem. I was partnered with Alex, who I enjoy working with. We ended up going first, with me doing the IA and Alex with the AP. We had decided that we were romantic rivals who were going on a camping trip. For my trigger, I had just discovered that someone had shredded my backpack to ribbons, and I had to create a new backpack out of whatever I could find. I gave myself 2 flimsy dowel rods, some painters tape, an extension cord, and some clothes. Honestly, I had no idea whether or not I would be able to accomplish the task, and deliberately did not even think about how I might use the materials to keep the exercise as spontaneous as possible. In ways this worked against me because I became so focused on how to accomplish my task that I found it very difficult to allow Alex’s behavior to affect me. I had also given him the Hot Who of Psychopathic Saboteur, and knew from the outset that I was not letting that fill me.

We were able to present our second set of circumstances, this time with me having the AP. While in many ways this was more successful, I still had a difficult time allowing Alex’s behavior to affect me because I was so focused on finding the letter that I had asked Jolene to hide.

For the next round I’m partnered with Mariah. I’m going to try to be careful to craft circumstances that will allow me to interact with her more.

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