Eric Bryant

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The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, makes each day infinitely precious” ~ Uta Hagen


Appropriate for seasoned actors as well as those new to the craft, this class will focus on applying essential acting techniques and character development to scene work. Using object exercises,  contextless dialogue work, and partnered scene work, the goal is to help unlock the imagination and create interesting, dynamic character choices. Scenes will be from modern realistic plays selected by the instructor. Participants may suggest scenes they wish to work on. Work will address circumstances, relationships, objectives, tactics, behavior etc. Focus will be on the  rehearsal process rather than performance. Outside rehearsal will be required.


The final class will be a presentation of selected scenes for an invited audience.

Important Information:

Cost: $150

Length: 10 weeks (February 4 – March 31, Scene Presentations on April 14)

Day/Time: Sundays from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Storefront Theatre Indianapolis, 2416 E. 55th Place (55th and Keystone)

Recommended Reading: A Challenge for the Actor by Uta Hagen

Refund Policy and Standards of Conduct (Please read prior to signing up)

By enrolling in this class you agree to the following:

  • The cost of the class is for the full 10-week course.
  • Refunds/rebates will not be made for missed classes.
  • Make-up classes for missed classes are not available. Private coaching can be arranged at the cost of $50 for one hour.
  • If you have to drop the class, refunds may be issued according to the following schedule
    • Prior to first class – Full refund·       
    • Between weeks 1 and 4 – prorated refund based on the number of sessions held (not attended) less 40% to cover Storefront’s split
    • ·        After week 4 – no refund.

If the participant must drop due to participation in a theatrical production, the instructor is open to allowing the participant to attend a prorated number of classes in a future session.

Standards of Conduct

1.      Initial presentation of scene does not need to be memorized, however memorization of scenes is required. You may ask someone to sit on book.

2.      Scheduling and planning of subsequent rehearsals is up to the participants. Rehearsal outside of class is  required.

3.      It is imperative that scene partners communicate with each other. If a scene partner becomes unreliable (missing 2 or more rehearsals without 24 hours notification) they may be asked to focus on monologue or exercise work.

4.     Participants are expected to be on time for class.  If a student must miss class, they should notify the instructor as well as their scene partner as soon as possible.

5.      Unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated either in class or during rehearsals and may result in expulsion from the class without reimbursement of tuition. This includes, but is not limited to:

a.      Harassment of other participants or the instructor, including sexual harassment.

b.      Racial epithets.

c.      Not respecting sexual orientation or gender identification.

d.      Consistent tardiness for rehearsals or for class.

e.      Threatening or bullying behavior.

f.       Cyberbullying.

6.      Feedback given during class will be constructive in nature.