Eric Bryant

Meisner Class Journal 7.2.24

I’m feeling a bit lost in class. Kind of like I don’t know that I’m fully understanding some of the exercises, even though I thought I did. Last night I used blowing up balloons and making a T-Rex sculpture from them as my IA. One comment that did make sense was that it was not obvious that making a sculpture was part of the IA, as I spent most of my time blowing up balloons. Note taken. I think the issue was in my crafting. The trigger was that I was just told that we were hosting a birthday party for my 4 year old grandson, and that I had to create a T-Rex sculpture from balloons. The emotional reason was to be a hero. The Hot Who was an over-excited birthday boy. One of the comments made was that I was trying to show how excited I was rather than just being excited. However, if I am treating my partner as if they are an over-excited birthday boy, this is how I behave. I also got the note that I was not picking up and dealing with my partner’s behavior, which apparently is something I struggle with, although I’m not exactly sure what it is that the class is or isn’t seeing that causes me to get that note so frequently.

We are starting to add Action Problems to the mix, and are now being assigned partners. I’m working with Alex first. We have to come up with some “Cold Facts,” such as specifically who we are (specific relationship), where we are (specific), and when (date/time) the exercise takes place, and one other mutually agreed upon fact about what the situation is. One of us then creates an IA related to the circumstances, with the expectation of someone else entering the room. The partner with the Action Problem then enters not expecting to find anyone in the room, and has to either leave something, take something (hidden by the partner), or change something in the room. Should be interesting…

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