Eric Bryant

Meisner Journal 6.18.24

We continued with Independent Activities last night. I had re-crafted one of my activities which I have not yet done, and then crafted another activity. Unfortunately last night I didn’t get a chance to present either, but I was able to be the repeater with Christine. I love working with her. She’s very committed and astute, and is easy to work with. I still seem to be having trouble “picking up and dealing” with partner behavior, although the feedback last night indicated that I was more successful on that front than in the past. I do think that there are times when I have a hard time reading behavior. Not sure why that is. I don’t feel like I’m in my head, and I do feel like I’m focused on my partner, but I’ve gotten this note several times so I don’t doubt that it is valid. I don’t know if it is a matter of sensitivity or empathy to my partner’s behavior, or if I’m not letting their behavior affect me…something to remain aware of.

I do need to do some re-crafting of one of my exercises based on additional reflection, so it’s probably good that I was the repeater last night. Hoping to bring at least three activities next week.

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