Eric Bryant

Meisner Class Journal – Week 7

I am writing this a few days later than normal due to having one of the screws in my ankle removed. The only reason I mention this is because I typically like to journal the day after class while everything is fresh, but here goes…

For me, the addition of the trigger event has helped clarify some of the principles of the repetition exercise. It is more obvious to me when I, or a classmate, is not leaving themselves alone, or not picking up and dealing with their partner’s behavior. In my first exercise, I absolutely found it difficult to leave myself alone with the trigger event I had selected (losing out on a bucket list role to my scene partner). I recognized this after a few moments and was able to shift gears (thinking?), but then found myself not trusting the exercise. My second attempt was more successful. The trigger event stayed with me (partner had just found out she was pregnant), but I didn’t hold on to it. As Jolene says, I allowed it to “fill me up.”

I am still having a difficult time with the Hot Who – not that I don’t understand it, but I just need to make the adjective/noun combo more intense. We’ll see what happens for next week.

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