Eric Bryant

Meisner Class Journal #3

We’ve now been repeating for about a month, and while in ways the exercise is becoming more instinctive (I hesitate to use the word “easier”), I am still having difficulty identifying what I am seeing when observing others practicing the exercise. It’s said that it typically takes 20 hours to become reasonably competent in a new skill, and we’ve only been at it for 12 hours, so…

As for some of the feedback I’ve been getting, while I do understand some of it (I am pretty aware of when I am unable to “leave myself alone” and when I begin to try to lead the exercise), last night I got the feedback that I wasn’t “picking up and dealing” with my partner’s behavior. This one threw me. I felt like I was pretty in tune with my partner, and was reacting to what I was seeing and feeling. There were times, though, when I wasn’t sure what I was getting from my partner…I wonder if those are the times that were being commented on? Someone else mentioned that I wasn’t allowing myself to be affected by my partner, and again, I’m not sure when that was happening, and what was going on at the time. I kind of wish that those times were pointed out when they were happening so that I understand what’s going on. I want to be clear – I don’t doubt the validity of the comments or even necessarily disagree with them. I’m just not sure when or what was happening that led to the comments.

I am still enjoying the class, and am particularly enjoying meeting and getting to know the people in the class. It’s a good group, and everyone seems very supportive.